Offer Your Business a Boost by Our Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) Services

For any successful Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign, constant research, testing & evaluation are required as well as a well organised Pay-Per-Click campaign management. If both go well, then surely a business is going to have a great ROI (return-On-Investment).

Our Pay-Per-Click advertising Campaign Management will help you in

  • Reducing your Cost - Per – Click (CPC)
  • Protecting your brand
  • Raising your quality score
  • Targeting your local market
  • Producing qualified leads
  • Improving CTR (Click Through Rate)

Start Driving Qualified Leads with the Help of Our PPC Advertising

Almost 90% of your customers visit search engines to seek anything they need. You can exploit the power of Pay-Per-Click campaign to place your business brand directly before your prospective customers each month who search the products and services related to your business.

What Your Business Gets by Opting For Our Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

Fast Results -

Our Pay-Per-Click advertising enhances your qualified leads, traffic and sales. After managing several PPC campaigns, we have turned out to be experts in overcoming the stumbling blocks that delay or compromise any digital marketing efforts..

Focused PPC Advertising Campaign -

In PPC Advertising you require paying only for those visitors who click on your ads & arrive on the page created for maximum conversion. PPC campaign is focused & targeted by our team as your advertisements appear only alongside the germane searches you select.

Performance Improvement -

For every Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign, our team identifies highly converting key terms, creates customised Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns & landing web pages, manages your bids to get high ROI and provides reports of the campaign to let you know how your PPC campaigns are performing.

Make Your Business Visible to Those Visitors Who Don’t Convert

Generally, only 10% of the visitors convert.  Are you making any extra efforts to get those 90% who don’t convert? Try to retarget those visitors who have already visited your web and try to convert them by your PPC campaign.

  • Site Retargeting - Set up display ads to target the visitors who know about your business already, but have not converted into a lead.
  • Search Retargeting - Set up display ads to target the customers who are not aware of your business, but have searched for the keywords that are relevant to your business.
  • Extend Your Reach With our PPC campaign management, you will be able to extend your reach by targeting across Content Networks.

Our PPC Services Include

  • A dedicated team of PPC consultants for your PPC campaign management
  • Competitive research
  • Creative advertisements that enhances CTR or Click-Through-Rate
  • Setting up account & PPC campaign management
  • Relevant landing pages
  • Analysing Meta titles, descriptions and landing web pages for each keyword.
  • Professional assistance with ad networks like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • Continuous monitoring & optimisation

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At TopixWeb you hand over your PPC campaign management & leave rest on us. Our team who is responsible for providing PPC services will make the most of the investment done by you through our Pay-Per- Click services. Through our efficient PPC campaign management your business will grow in the online world where the competition is very hard to beat.

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